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In Drake's Wake

Countries and Territories I Visited for Pictures for In Drake’s Wake

Michael Turner

I have been to every country that Drake visited.

Argentina Indonesia Azores*
Brazil Ireland Canary Islands*
British Virgin Islands Liberia Les Saintes*
Cape Verde Mauritania Marie Galante*
Cayman Islands México * overseas possessions
Chile Germany Portugal
Colombia Guadeloupe Puerto Rico
Costa Rica Guinea Senegal
Cuba Guinea-Bissau Sierra Leone
Curaçao The Netherlands South Africa
Dominica Morocco Spain
Dominican Republic Nicaragua St Kitts
Ecuador Palau Uruguay
El Salvador Panamá USA
France Perú Venezuela
Gambia Philippines  

The Countries That I Did Not Visit

On the world voyage, Antonio de Herrera a contemporary secondary author stated that Drake reconnoitred the coast of Angola. In chronological order Drake would also have observed: Guatemala, Namibia, Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. To shorten the sailing, he may not have seen Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana and Ivory Coast. On the last voyage, In the Caribbean Sea Drake sailed past Montserrat, Redonda, Nevis, St Eustatius, St Croix, Bonaire and Aruba. I did not visit these countries because only coastline was observed.