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It is a pleasure to write the first editorial on behalf of the Drake Exploration Society. This is the first general society publication to honour the memory of Sir Francis Drake world-wide. It is our aspiration that the society will flourish beyond our life time. During our fledgling stage, it is beyond our resources to issue a glossy, illustrated booklet. Despite our anticipated growth, we shall remain with the personal computer, since commercial charges would limit the content of the Journal. The PC will produce more text for less cost. We believe that content supersedes appearance. The loose pages style, lends itself to replacement of pages, such as an updated bibliography; the addition of the forthcoming fiction bibliography; and the list of Drake plaques and the individual’s choice of filing or binding. The Journal will develop into a unique Drake reference book. However, the closest resemblance to a book, is the Avery Brampton Spring-Back Binder. The sprung spine neatly clamps over 200 pages. The binder comes in blue, black or red and retails at £13.14. Ryman stationers sell such a binder. The Society can despatch the binder on a non profit basis, which includes p+p for £16.50 or £20 overseas. Each journal cover will further enhance the book format.

Authors have referred to Drake documents in part but we shall transcribe some of them in full. We shall only include those that have never been published, or are very hard to find. In short, no member should have read any of the documents.

We shall feature a Drake property document that has escaped the attention of all Drake authors. Members are invited to contribute towards the Drake News section.

To encourage members to explore Drake’s world, we shall describe the Drake haunts at home and abroad.

Members’ letters, questions, comments and suggestions for improvements are most welcome. Input will be considered for publication, unless you state otherwise. If replies are required, please enclose a sufficient sized s.a.e. Your input will help shape the journal’s content. Furthermore, already some members are enhancing their affiliation by writing to each other.

A flyer has been enclosed with this issue. Please use it to recruit members. Your local library should display it for no charge. If you can deposit flyers in other potent public locations, please order a requested number. Please note that subscription renewals are due every January and that the Journal is dispatched every January and June. The Society’s financial activities are registered with the Inspector of Taxes every May.

The Society wishes to thank: Coastline Print of Burnham-on-Sea for providing scanned graphics at cost price; Raymond Aker for permitting the use of the Golden Hind as a letter head logo, and the complimentary help provided by Lesley and Peter Nash of Change Work Technologies, Henley-on-Thames, for placing the Society’s web site on the Internet. Hence, Chantec.co.uk. and the Society have honoured the memory of Sir Francis at an international level in a cost effective way. This issue of the Broadside will appear on the web site as a sample, providing further encouragement to those in cyber space who are interested in joining us.

We are 20 members located in: England; Scotland, Panama and USA. Drake’s coat of arms reads:

"From humble beginnings to great achievements"
Drake's signature

Michael Turner, Editor
Drake Exploration Society
United Kingdowm
(Please contact for full address, if required)
E-mail: - sfdsociety@aol.com
- www.indrakeswake.co.uk

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