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In Drake's Wake

A pictorial glimpse of Drake's life and voyages

All images © Michael Turner 1997-2006 except where otherwise noted.

- Drake's birthplace

Drake's birthplace - Crowndale to the left and Tavistock the right.

- Tavistock and Dartmoor

Tavistock and Dartmoor.

- La Rochelle, France

La Rochelle, France, visited during his voyage to Biscay circa 1562.

- Cacheu Fort, Guinea-Bissau

Cacheu Fort, Guinea- Bissau.

- Borburata Cove, Venezuela

Borburata Cove, Venezuela.

- San Juan de Ulua, Veracruz, Mexico

San Juan de Ulua, Veracruz, Mexico.

- River Chagres, Panamá

River Chagres, Panamá.

- Cabo Tiburón, Colombia

"Port Pheasant" = Cabo Tiburón, Colombia.

- Isla Grande, Panamá

"Isla Bastimentos" = Isla Grande, Panamá.

- Boca Chica, Cartagena

Boca Chica, Cartagena.

- Old Panamá

Old Panamá.

- The Camino Real

The Camino Real, the site of Drake's unsuccessful ambush.

- River Campos

The Camino Real at the River Campos where Drake robbed the mule train.

- Carrickfergus Castle, Northern Ireland

Carrickfergus Castle, Northern Ireland, where Drake embarked soldiers to attack Rathlin Island.

- The Golden Hind

The World Voyage, 1577-80 - The Golden Hind, faithfully reproduced by Raymond Aker of the Drake Navigators Guild, Palo Alto, California, USA.

- Mogador, Morocco

Mogador, Morocco, Drake's first port of call.

- Santa María Island

Drake's anchorage at Santa María Island, just north of Antofagasta, Chile, is the driest landscape in the world. Here Drake greased a launch and went fishing, whilst his men fruitlessly searched the mountain for water.

- Pisagua, Chile

The ruined houses at Pisagua, Chile, from where Drake found silver bars and seized a Corsican pilot.

- Guatulco, México

Guatulco, México. Drake ransacked this idyllic port and freed three blacks during their trial. This was Drake's last Latin port of call on his world voyage.

- Drake's Estero, California

Drake's Estero, California. Drake built a fort on the sand spit and careened the ship to the left of the spit.

- Drake's fort

Drawings by Ray Aker to depict the possible construction of Drake's fort and its defensive capabilities within the geography of the cove, as originally drawn by Jodocus Hondius.

- Drake's arrival in the Moluccas

The Hondius Inset depicting Drake's arrival in the Moluccas, Indonesia, juxtaposed to a modern map by Raymond Aker.

- Buckland Abbey

From the proceeds of the circum- navigation, by 1583, Drake had purchased Buckland Abbey, near Plymouth as his country seat.

- Bonanza Beach

The 1585-6 West Indies Raid - The well at Bonanza Beach on Hierro Island in the Canary Islands, is where Drake's men procured a hogshead of water.

- Santiago fortress, Cape Verde Islands

From Santiago fortress in the Cape Verde Islands, overlooking the town of Cidade Velha which Drake captured.

- The church door at Cidade Velha, Cape Verde Islands

The church door. The doorstep is a grave dated 1563.

- Houses at Cidade Velha, Cape Verde Islands

The houses in the village today must be the same ones as Drake and his men occupied.

- Cartagena, Colombia

Panoramic view of colonial Cartagena, Colombia, which Drake sacked and ransomed.

- Cascais, Portugal

The Iberia Voyage 1589. Georgius Braunius 1570 drawing of Cascais, Portugal. Drake captured the town.

- Cascais, Portugal

An aerial view of Cascais, in my attempt to compare the present shape of the harbour and town with the drawing.

- Nombre de Dios, Panamá

The Last Voyage, 1595-6 - Myself with the cannon "which brake at the first shotte,..." at Nombre de Dios, Panamá. Literally finding and touching Drake's world!

- Profile of Escudo de Veragua Island, Panamá

The profile of Escudo de Veragua Island, Panamá was drawn on the voyage. This was Drake's last anchorage.

- Line of trees at Escudo de Veragua Island, Panamá

From a light plane, my attempt to document pictorially, the line of trees growing from sea rocks on the island's SE side, as included on the contemporary profile.

- Portobelo Cove, Panama

Portobelo Cove, Panama, where Drake was prepared for burial.

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