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Definitive bibliography of principal primary sources

(In order of life and voyages)

Spanish Documents Concerning English Voyages to the Caribbean 1527-1568
Ed. by I. Wright
Hakluyt / Kraus Reprint, Liechtenstein, 1967

Documents Concerning English Voyages to the Spanish Main 1569-1580
Ed. by I. Wright
Hakluyt / Kraus Reprint, Liechtenstein, 1967

The World Encompassed
Sir Francis Drake, et. al. Ed. by N.M. Penzer,
N. Israel, Amsterdam, 1971

New Light on Drake - A Collection of Documents Relating to his Voyage of Circumnavigation 1577-1580
Translated and Edited by Z. Nuttall,
Hakluyt / Kraus Reprint, Liechtenstein, 1967

An Elizabethan In 1582
Ed. by E. Story Donno
Hakluyt Society, London, 1976

Further English Voyages to Spanish America 1583-1594
Translated and Edited by I. Wright
Hakluyt / Kraus Reprint, Liechtenstein, 1967

Sir Francis Drake's West Indian Voyage 1585-1586
Ed. by Mary Frear Keeler
Hakluyt Society, London, 1981

Papers Relating to the Navy during The Spanish War 1585-1587
Ed. by Sir Julian Corbett
Navy Records Society, London, 1898

Sir Francis Drake's Memorable Service Done Against The Spaniards in 1587
Robert Leng, Ed. by C. Hooper
The Camden Miscellany, Vol. 5, Camden Society, London, 1864

The Naval Tracts of Sir William Monson Vol. 1
Ed. by M. Oppenheim
Navy Records Society, London, 1903

Defeat of the Spanish Armada (2 vols)
Ed. by J.K. Laughton
Navy Records Society, London, 1981
The Armada in the Public Records
N.A.M. Roger
H.M. Stationery Office, London, 1988

The Expedition of Sir John Norris & Sir Francis Drake To Spain & Portugal
Ed. by R.B. Wernham
Temple Smith for The Navy Records Society, London, 1988

The Last Voyage of Drake & Hawkins
Ed. by K. R. Andrews
Hakluyt Society / Cambridge University Press, 1972

The Plymouth Black Book, The Widey Court Book and The Plymouth Municipal Records - Collected Papers
West Devon Record Office, Plymouth.

Wills From Doctor's Commons
Camden Society, London, 1863

A Buccaneer's Atlas: Basil Ringrose's South Sea Waggoner, A Sea Atlas and Sailing Directions of The Pacific Coast of The Americas
Ed. by D. Howse and J. Thrower
University of California Press, Berkeley, 1992.

Voyages miscellaneously presented

The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques & Discoveries of the English Nation
R. Hakluyt,
J.M. Dent & Sons, 1927, London, (8 vols)

Vol. 1
Drake's passage from Guatulco to Nova Albion.
Vol. 2
Vanquishing of the Spanish Armada.
Vol. 4
Discourse of the 1589 voyage by Antony Wingfield.
Vol. 6
Narratives by Job Hortop and Miles Philips,
Ralph Lane's Discourse on the First Colony.
Vol. 7
Account by John Hawkins of his 1567-8 voyage,
Drake & Hawkins Last Voyage - The Anonymous Text,
Relation of Ports by Baptista Antonio.
Vol. 8
A Discourse of the West Indieas and the South Sea by López Vaz.

Select bibliography of secondary sources

(* contains primary sources)

Aker, R. & Von Der Porten, E
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Drake Navigators Guild, Palo Alto, 1979
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British Library
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Drake & The Tudor Navy (2 vols)
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Eliott-Drake, Lady
The Family & Heirs of Sir Francis Drake (Vol. 1)
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Williamson, J.A
Hawkins of Plymouth
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Wilson, D
The World Encompassed
Hamish Hamilton, London, 1977

Other secondary sources

Aker, R
The Aker Letters to Michael Turner
Palo Alto, California, USA, unpublished, 1983-98
Anderson, C.L.G
Old Panama & Castillo del Oro
North River Press, New York, 1938
Barber, C
Guide to Exeter
Sprint Print, Exeter, 1994
Barber, J
Sir Francis Drake's Investment in Plymouth Property
in, Transactions of the Devonshire Association, cxiii, 1981
Brooks, J [Ed.]
1989 South America Handbook
Trade & Travel Publications, Bath, 1988
Cumming, A
Buckland Abbey
Jarrold & Sons, Norwich, 1981
Dean, D
Middle Temple Hall Four Centuries of History
The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple, 1970
Everitt, R
From Monks to the Millennium A history of Yarcombe
self published, 1999
Garcia, M.G
Câmara Municipal de Vila do Bispo, 1990
Gerhard, P
Pirates on the West Coast of New Spain, 1575-1742
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Williams, N
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Williamson, JA
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Youings, J
Drake, Grenville & Buckland Abbey
in, Transactions of the Devon Association, cxiii, 1980
[Author unknown]
The Drake Manuscript *
Andre Deutsch, London, 1996
[Author unknown]
Tourist Brochure,
published by, City Council of Rochester upon Medway Leisure Services Department. (not dated)
[Author unknown]
Tourist Brochure, A Day Out on the Historic Barbican
published by the Barbican Traders' Guild. (not dated)

The 11 volumes of Sailing Directions [see glossary] are published by, The Hydrographic Department, Ministry of Defence, Taunton, Somerset, England. They also kindly supplied photocopies of charts.

Maps, illustrations and portraits

(in chronological order of events)

The Jesus of Lubeck
Pepys MS 2991, 27.5 x 18.5 cm. painting.
Pepys Library, Magdalene College, Cambridge.

Fletcher's Account and Sketch Map of Elizabeth Island
Sloane MS 61. ff. 38v-39r, 35.5 x 22.5 cm. ink.
British Library, London

Fletcher's Sketch Map of Southern Extremity of South America
Sloane MS 61. f. 35r. 23 x 16 cm. ink.
British Library, London.

Drake-Mellon Map, Manuscript World Map showing Drake's Route of Circumnavigation
London 1587. Pen, ink and wash on vellum, colour. 23.9 x 44.9 cm.
Paul Mellon Collection, Yale Centre for British Art, New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

Miniature Drake Portrait
1581 by Nicholas Hilliard. Colour on vellum. Circular, diam. 2.9 cm.
National Portrait Gallery, London.

Nicola van Sype World Map and Drake Portrait
c. 1582. 24 x 44 cm. ink.
British Library, London.

Engraved Drake Portrait
completed by George Vertue c. 1583.

Full Length - Drake Portrait
c. 1580-85 oil on panel, artist unknown.

The Drake "Hondius Broadside" World Map
by Jodocus Hondius, 1595. 38 x 54 cm. colour.
Maritime Museum, Rotterdam, Holland.

Drake's Map of Western Europe and tide-tables
colour. Pepys Library, Magdalene College, Cambridge.

Sketch Map of Drake's Stop at Bayona and Vigo, Spain
1585. SP12 / 183 / 10, fol. 23. 40.3 x 30 cm. ink.
Public Record Office, Richmond, Surrey.

Attack at Santiago, Cape Verde Islands
1585. Egerton MS 2579 Birdeye View, coloured on vellum, 69 x 78 cm.
British Library, London.

The Engraved Baptista Boazio Maps of the 1585-86 West Indies Voyage.

  1. The Voyage Map, 49.5 x 38.5 cm. coloured.
  2. The Voyage Map with The Map Text, 40 x 39 cm. ink.
  3. The Capture of Santiago, Cape Verde Islands. 48 x 40 cm. ink.
  4. The Capture of Santo Domingo, Hispaniola. 45.9 x 39.3 cm. ink.
  5. The Capture of Cartagena, Colombia. 46 x 39.8 cm.
  6. The Capture of St. Augustine, Florida. 48.3 x 39.3 cm. Maps 2-6 bear The Map Text in English.

John Carter Brown Library, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Latin Text collection, Newberry Library, Chicago, USA.

The Borough-Drake Map of Cádiz, Spain
1587. MPF 318, 47 x 33.6 cm. coloured on paper.
Public Record Office, Richmond, Surrey.

Drake Map of the Sagres Peninsular, Portugal
1587. 32.2 x 21 cm. brown ink.
British Library, London.

Drake's Letter to Seymour
21 July 1588, S.P. 12/212 no. 82. 31 x 24 cm.
Public Record Office, Richmond, Surrey.

The Drake Leat Map
c.1591. 39.4 x 30.2 cm. coloured brown.
British Library, London.

The Drake Leat Map
c.1591. 84 x 69 cm. coloured green.
The Marquess of Salisbury Collection, Hatfield House, Hertfordshire.

Robert Adams's Map of St Nicholas Island Plymouth
1592. 41.3 x 26.6 cm. coloured.
The Marquess of Salisbury Collection, Hatfield House, Hertfordshire.

Drake's Will
1595, original draft, PRO I / ff. 1-3. 42 x 30 cm.
Public Record Office, Richmond, Surrey.

Prospero Casola's Sketch Map of Drake's Attempt on Las Palmas
1595. M.P. y D. XLVII-45, 29.3 x 19 cm. ink.
General Archives of Simancas, Spain.

Paris Profiles
1595-6. 24 colour paintings of the coastlines. MS Anglais 51. 28 x 19 cm.
Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris.

Drake Revived
biography, illustrated cover, 1626. 28 x 19 cm, Sloane MS 301, f. 25.
British Library, London.

Drake Related

c.1539 at The British Library: Cotton Aug. I. i. 38. 27" x 33"

The Armada
at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich: 10 charts by Robert Adams, commissioned by Lord Howard of Effingham, depicting events chronologically. D291 - D3300.

Chart of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland showing the track of the Armada. Augustine Ryther after Robert Adams. D3301. Approx. 27.75" x 19".

"The Armada in the Strait of Dover"
Flemish School, c.1600-1610. Gouache on vellum miniature, 133mm x 318mm = 4.44" x 12.5". C7802

"Launch of English Fireships Against The Armada at Calais,"
7 August 1588, Netherlands School, 16th century. BHC0263

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