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In Drake's Wake

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- The Drake Exploration Society
Founded by - Michael Turner
- Drake Navigators Guild
Formed in 1949 by a small group of professional men with nautical backgrounds
- Hawkins and Drake in Veracruz
Part of John Todd Jr's Web site on Veracruz
- Golden Hinde
Sir Francis Drake's Famous Galleon (Maintained by The Golden Hinde Trust)
- Drake family genealogy
Dedicated to the Drake surname and its associated histories
- Ian Chadwick's biography of Henry Hudson
The life and voyages of Henry Hudson, English explorer and navigator
- Michael D. Urban
Official Website for the Books of Michael D. Urban including Drake's Coffin
- Under Drake's Flag: A Tale Of The Spanish Main
New Henty Audio Theater Awakens Your Child's Love of Learning, History And Adventure!

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