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Michael Turner's 'Drake CV'

- Michael Turner on the Camino Real

On the Camino Real, Panamá

In 2005 and 2006 - Paul Mould of Boston Lincolnshire, UK, published the first two pictorial, topographical biographies on Sir Francis Drake that I wrote and illustrated. This entailed photographing all the towns, sites and anchorages worldwide visited by Sir Francis. Extracts have been published in four travel guide books to Latin America and Indonesia. I have written four illustrated articles for Papagaio, published by Journey Latin America travel of London. Rolex of Geneva, 1987, Pentax UK; 1988, the Royal Geographical Society, 1988, '89 & '93 and a South African helicopter journal have published more aspects of the project.

I have delivered illustrated lectures on Drake to the Plymouth City Museum, 1982, the Royal Geographical Society, 1988, Britain's largest lecturing circle - The Ashridge, at Eastbourne's Congress Theatre, 1988, and to various Hispanic and historical societies, 1985-93. I gave an interview in Spanish on Chilean TV news in 1990. I recorded a programme called Travellers' Tales for BBC regional broadcast in 1991. I have been a studio guest for three local BBC radio stations, 1985, 89, 90 and on BBC Radio 4 Midweek, 1991 with Barbara Windsor and Tuesday Lives, 1993.

- Michael Turner on Maio Island

Maio Island, Cape Verde Islands

I was a winner of an Honourable Mention Award, in an international competition of projects called, The Rolex Awards for Enterprise, 1993. I received worldwide publicity in various languages and a gold and steel chronometer for my efforts in trying to locate the coffin of Sir Francis Drake. National press coverage included The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The Daily Mail, The Sunday Times, The Sunday Express 1991-5. An illustrated article was published in Spanish by Cambio 16, in 1995. Between 1991-3, I appeared on four British regional TV news programmes, BBC local radio and national BBC Radio 2, 4 and 5. In 1995: CNN television, Westcountry Television, HTV, BBC World Service and BBC Radio 5.

The 400th Anniversary of Drake's Death

- Michael Turner at Drake's Anchorage, Virgin Gorda

Drake's anchorage,
Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

I broadcasted the 400th anniversary of Drake's death and burial on NBC cable news in the USA, the Caribbean and Latin America on 29 January, 1996. I researched, partially presented and was interviewed in Spanish, for a Panamanian Television documentary called, In Search of Drake on the 400th anniversary of Drake's death.

My activities in Panama were featured on BBC 2's Newsnight, 29 January 1996, BBC national breakfast and lunchtime news on 30 January and on BBC local television news in several regions. I researched and co-presented a documentary from Panama, In Drake's Wake. It was screened in SW England on 1 February 1996 and nationally on 29 April 1996, both at prime time on BBC2. I took part in the subsequent radio 'phone-in for BBC Devon.

Drake Discovered Cape Horn

9 Sep 1997
Interviewed live by John Humphries on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.
11 Aug 1997
Telephone interview with Blue Danube Radio, Vienna Austria.
11 Aug 1997
Live studio interview with John Dunn, BBC Radio 2.
11 Aug 1997
Illustrated article in The Times.

Reaction to Kelsey's Drake Biography

27 Jul 1998
Interviewed live by Sue McGregor on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

The Location of Drake's Jettisoned Cannons

25 Sep 1998
Illustrated articles in: The Times, Western Morning News & Western Daily Press
28 Sep 1998
Interviewed on BBC Radio Bristol.
28 Sep 1998
Interviewed live on BBC TV regional news.

Drake in General

31 Jan 1999
Telephone interview, BBC Radio Bristol, Archive.
3 Jan 2001
Appeared on BBC Radio 4 Midweek with Glenda Jackson and Larry Adler.
19 Feb 2001
Interviewed for History's Mysteries for Sky Television - worldwide broadcast on July 2001.
28 Oct 2001
Contributed towards Carlton regional TV programme West Country Tales.
14 Mar 2005
In Drake's Wake The Early Voyages published by - Paul Mould.
28 May 2006
In Drake's Wake The World Voyage published by - Paul Mould.
14 Oct 2006
Drake's World Voyage lectured at Paramount Hotel Weekend Events, Torquay. Escorted the audience to Buckland Abbey. My participation was acknowledged by Dr David Starkey who was present the previous evening.
Nov 06
In Drake's Wake The Early Voyages and The World Voyage reviewed in This England, Britain's Patriotic Quarterly, Winter 2006/7
History Consultant to a children's book The Queen's Pirate, by Sarah Courtauld, Usborne, 2007
Co-author of Sir Francis Drake and the Inner Temple, The Inner Temple Year Book, 2007-2008.
Acknowledged in a Drake biography The Construction of a Hero
Lectured at the Old Bodleian Library, University of Oxford
Acknowledged in a Drake novel, Mistress of the Sea
Published a 44-page book with colour illustrations, Sir Francis Drake and the Golden Hind
21 Jul 2012
Appeared on BBC Radio 4's Saturday Live
May 2013
Gave illustrated talks to the Union Club, Panama City and to the Panama History Society. Dived 176 feet to the seabed at the site of Drake's Cophin of Lead.
18 Jun 2013
Live radio studio interview on BBC Radio Somerset.
18 Jun 2013
Live studio appearance on BBC Points West.
June 2013
Extensive press coverage in: Western Daily Press, Western Morning News, Bristol Post, The Sun, Mail Online and Burnham-On-Sea.com
9 August 2013
Live radio studio interview on BBC Radio Bristol with Steve Yabsley.

My Drake Expeditions

Mexico 1 month 1980
Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama 6 weeks 1981
Spain, Portugal 1 month 1982
Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico 6 weeks 1983
Venezuela, Colombia 1 month 1984
USA; El Salvador, Dominican Republic 6 weeks 1985
Colombia, Curaçao 2 weeks 1985-6
Cape Verde Rep. Senegal, Mauritania, Morocco, Canaries 6 weeks 1986
Chile, Peru 2 weeks 1987
Palau, Philippines, Indonesia 6½ weeks 1987
Bolivia, Peru 2 weeks 1987-8
Indonesia 6 weeks 1988
Venezuela, Colombia 2 weeks 1988-9
Dominica, Guadeloupe, Marie Galante, St. Kitts, Puerto Rico, British Virgin Islands, 2 weeks 1989
Senegal, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Canaries, Morocco 6 weeks 1989
South Africa 1 week 1990
Venezuela, Cuba, Grand Cayman, Dominican Republic 2 weeks 1990
Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile 6 weeks 1990
Curaçao, Colombia, Venezuela 2 weeks 1990-1
Panama 2 weeks 1991
Senegal, Cape Verde Republic, Canaries, Spain, Portugal 5½ weeks 1991
Florida, Dominican Republic 1 week 1991
Chile 2 weeks 1991-2
Panama 2 weeks 1992
USA, El Salvador, Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, British Virgin Islands 6 weeks 1992
Indonesia 2 weeks 1992-3
Costa Rica, Panama 2 weeks 1993
Azores, Portugal 1 week 1993
USA, Brazil 5½ weeks 1993
Uruguay, Argentina, Chile 2 weeks 1993-4
Panama, Colombia 2 weeks 1994
Dominican Republic 2 weeks 1994-5
Panama, Ecuador 3 weeks 1996
Azores, Portugal, Spain 2 weeks 1996
Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Sierra Leone 2 weeks 1997
Portugal, Spain 1 week 1997
Morocco, Mauritania 2½ weeks 1997-8
Portugal 1 week 1998
Venezuela, Colombia, Panama 2½ weeks 1998-9
Cuba 1 day 1999
Miami, El Salvador, Panama 2½ weeks 1999
Senegal 2 days 1999
Colombia 9 days 2000
France, Netherlands 2 weeks 2005
La Rochelle, France 5 days 2006
Ireland, Northern Ireland 1 week 2006
Netherlands 6 days 2006
Chile, Peru 10 days 2006-7
Sierra Leone 1 week 2007
Germany 6 days 2008
Guinea, Sierra Leone 16 days 2008
Morocco / Western Sahara, Grand Canaria 2 weeks 2009-10
Chile, Perú, Ecuador 3½ weeks 2010
Lisbon, Portugal 6 days 2012
Panama 2 weeks 2013
Panama 10 days 2013

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